I’ll restore probity, accountability in NDC – Kuwadah

Mr Kuwadah (arm stretched) addressing the press conference

Mr Kuwadah (arm stretched) addressing the press conference

A FLAGBEARER aspirant of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), David Dotsey Kwame Kuwadah, is promising to lead a crusade to restore the ideals of probity and accountability in the party and Ghana if elected the presidential candidate of the party and eventually the president of the country.

“When you look at the country today, the looting of our God-given resources in the country is the most talked about, the unhealthy development in our quest to develop our nation has also been eaten deeply into our party NDC”.

“I’m going to lead and operate a civil democratic revolution that will clear out all the mess and wipe out corruption in the country,” Mr Kuwadah stressed at a press conference in Accra to outline his vision for the party and the country at large.

“Monetisation and material inducement, traits have found their way into the moral fabric of the NDC, making the party lose its core values of probity and accountability.

“They will not happen under my leadership of NDC and Ghana, corruption will be a thing of the past”, Mr Kuwadah declared.

On the economic front, he noted that he would give priority to industrialisation “but certainly not the empty promises like 1D1F by the current NPP government.”

Describing the current dispensation as “oppression of the masses”, the flagbearer hopeful said every Ghanaian needed to be economically independent in line with the constitutional provisions of the country.

“My government” Mr Kuwadah said “shall also run an effective agricultural system, not just to produce for consumption but to put an end to most of the things that we import locally.”

God, he indicated, has blessed Ghana but “the problem is leadership” because the system does not encourage the citizenry to venture into production.

On his plans for the youth, Mr Kuwadah said his government would resource the youth to fully engage in mechanised farming by giving them medium to long term loans towards sustainably empowering the citizenry.

He called on the rank and file of the party to massively endorse him at the December polls to elect a flagbearer and would share their concerns for a vibrant and more attractive NDC.


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