The Phenomenon of land guards has been with the country for sometime now.

Land guards are often a group of masquerading youths, who terrorise prospective land owners and sometimes those who legally own land.

The activities of these terrorists have often resulted in the killing and sometimes maiming of innocent people.

Apart from forcibly taking over lands and selling them, these land guards have also turned themselves into vigilante groups and are hired to commit crimes in different parts of the country.

Wielding offensive weapons, these criminals attack, beat up and kill people with impunity even in areas that have police presence.

Strangely, these land guards operate with arrogance and it’s baffling that the police have not been able to prevent them from perpetrating violence on people.

A classical example is an attack that was launched on Akraman, a town in the Gomoa Central District of the Central Region.

As published on the front page of today’s issue of the Times, a group of unknown youngmen, numbering about 30, arrived in the town on motorbikes last Monday, and visited mayhem on residents.

The unprovoked attacks led to bloodshed, resulting in some of the male residents receiving machete and gunshot wounds.

Surprisingly, according to the residents the incident occurred in the full glare of the police, but they turned a blind eye.

What is worrying is that, it appears the police in the area know the land guards and are familiar with their activities.

From the narration received by Times, the Koaso Police are unwilling to deal with the case and are prepared to treat it as a family feud that must be settled outside the legal system.

This is not the first time the Kosoa Police have openly displayed this attitude in support of land guards, who have visited mayhem on innocent people they are paid to protect.

Disturbingly, the perpetrators of the heinous crime are seen walking freely in and out of the town as the police look on unconcerned.

Meanwhile, the town folks have threatened to defend themselves next time the thugs attempt to visit hell upon them.

Therein lie our concern.  We urge the IGP to purge the Kasoa police personnel, who appear to be working against the interest of the people, thereby allowing the thugs to intimidate the people of Akraman.

They deserve our protection just like any other Ghanaian.


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