IDEG challenges govt to justify 110 ministers

The Executive Director of the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG) Dr Emmanuel Akwetey has challenged the President to show the citizenry the achievements of his 110 ministers that justify his decision to keep the number.

“The ministers are yet to deliver on the expectation of Ghanaians, 110 Ministers, I do not think they’ve given the President the results he needs, if they have results to show, they should make it public so we are all updated,” he stressed.

On the anti-graft situation, Dr Akwetey noted that “the various anti-graft agencies need more support from the government in order to make meaningful headway.

“I want to see the Criminal Justice system strengthened, the way we change public officials should change, the Special Prosecutor, Auditor-General among others will want to work more but they are not empowered to do so,” he said.

The President despite criticisms from the citizenry and civil society groups maintained that he needed the huge number of appointees to deliver on the promises he made to them.

“We have a problem and what is the best way? It is better to have men and women capable of serving the nation’s interests and to work to grow the economy and if I succeed, you will soon find out that the brouhaha is nothing compared to the success.

“I don’t believe that any government in the Fourth Republic has inherited the challenges that my government has inherited,” President Nana Akufo-Addo stressed.

Some Ghanaians had nursed hopes that the President will cut down the number in a reshuffle, but that appears to be taking forever since the administration is almost two years in office without any sign of a major shakeup. –


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