I Will Stand For President — Samia Nkrumah

samiaSamia Nkrumah, daughter of Ghana’s first President, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, has for the first time hinted she would run for the President of the country on the ticket of the Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP).

She is currently the chairman of the CPP, a party his late father founded, that gained independence for Ghana in 1957.

The former Member of Paliament for Jomoro said yesterday, she would do everything she could to rejuvenate her father’s legacy and would therefore, not run away from the responsibility of leading the CPP into elections when the right time was due.

“And why not? I’ve been interested in becoming an MP for the CPP; I’ve been interested in becoming a chairperson for the CPP, I’ll do anything to secure more votes for the CPP. Why not? What is stopping us?”

According to Ms. Nkrumah she would rule out nothing, saying that, “we’ll see. Once we make up our mind, we’ll announce it”.

“Nothing is impossible and nothing is ruled out. All options are opened. What we want is to maximise the chances for the CPP to perform better. Whatever we decide to do will be decided upon collectively and democratically”.

According to Ms. Nkrumah, her sole aim of returning to Ghana was to do all she could to rebuild the CPP to its glorious days and recapture political power. She and her siblings stayed abroad after their father was overthrown in 1972, and only returned to the country before the 2004 general elections, when she contested and won the parliamentary seat for Jomoro.

Now Ms. Nkrumah maintained all options are open to her, claiming that, “why shouldn’t I be? I’ll do anything for the party. Since my return to Ghana, I came with one intention and that is to reactivate Kwame Nkrumah’s vision. What will stop me from doing my utmost to make that possible?”

But some political connoisseurs feared Samia’s eyeing of the CPP presidential ticket would open more “wounds” in the party, especially so, when the party’s 2012 presidential candidate, Michael Abu Sakara Forster, has also declared his intention to run again in 2016.

They told the Times that some leading members of the CPP, who had long suspected or accused Ms. Nkrumah of harbouring a presidential ambition would go to all length to hinder her aim, thus creating more problems and factionalism in the already troubled party.

These connoisseurs further argued that Samia’s no nosense approach to solving problems and her relative inexperience on Ghana’s political scene could endanger the Nkrumaist unity talks and a re-unification with the Progressive Peoples Party, which broke away from the CPP before the 2012 general elections. Others, however, believed that the Nkrumaist front needed a strong personality like Samia to better their fortune.— XYZonline.com    


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