I will not step down –Nii Nortey

A parliamentary aspirant for the Korley Klottey Constituency, Nii Noi Nortey, has stated that he will resist any attempt to compel him to step down from contesting in the party’s upcoming parliamentary primary.

His comment followed the suspension of the parliamentary primary in the constituency after officials of the Electoral Commission (EC), declined to conduct the poll.

The EC officials claimed they did not show up because they were served with an injunction restraining them from supervising the elections in the constituency.

Speaking to Citi News, Nii Nortey, who is facing a stiff challenge from Lawyer Philip Addison said he would not disappoint delegates who encouraged him to contest.

“Stepping down will not be a consideration because I am here to serve my people, I am here to lead my people. My decision to contest was not a sole decision, it was a wide consultation that we did and it was from the people of the constituency itself, not only the NPP people. The traditional leaders, the youth, even our fellow parties all came on board and advised that I contest this election, so stepping down will be a big blow to them.”

Nii Nortey was previously the constituency chairman in the area until he resigned a few months back to contest.

Mr. Addison, who was, however, displeased with his decision, accused him (Nii Noi Nortey) of stabbing him in the back.

He wondered why Nii Nortey made a u-turn after endorsing his candidature.

“I consider it unfortunate that it should be so, especially having discussed with him at the onset of the declaration of my candidature and he having indicated to me his full support; but I see that he persists so we have to go for the contest.”

“I had a meeting with him and he gave his full support to me. Indeed, he followed it up with a funeral we had in the constituency for one of our old men and he organised it and led me there and I was introduced as the person who was coming there as the candidate.”

“ Subsequent to that, I started hearing that he himself was going for the seat but I had a meeting with him and he declared his full support for me,” he stated.

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