I don’t believe in manifestoes -Methodist Church Presiding Bishop

The Most Reverend Titus Kofi Awotwi-Pratt

The Most Reverend Titus Kofi Awotwi-Pratt

The Most Reverend Titus Kofi Awotwi-Pratt, Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church, Ghana says he does not believe in political parties’ manifestoes as vehicle to develop this country.

“Manifestos do not necessarily build a nation,” he declared and urged political parties to move away from deceiving the electorate with cheap manifesto promises, adding that “the Ghanaian electorate are now discerning in politics”.

According to the presiding bishop, “parties’ manifestos turn to frustrate growth, and it is only a national development plan backed by law that can give the country its desired growth”.

Most Rev, Awotwi-Pratt was speaking at the Wesley Cathedral in Accra on Sunday, during a valedictory farewell service in honour of The Right Rev. Kwaku Asamoah-Okyere, the outgoing Administrative Bishop of the Methodist Church.

He said, “Every government in power that loses an election in this country, there is the likelihood that the incoming government may not complete the manifesto projects already started by the outgoing government.

“Should a party in power not win an election another party may put all its ongoing projects on the back burner and new ones started, based on their own manifesto. It is the tax-payer and Ghana that suffers in all these,” he stated.

The Presiding Bishop said the time was rife for national development plans to be developed, which every government in power would be bound by law to follow and implement.

He also urged Christians to venture into politics to change the current face of politics in the country and advised the electorate to vote based on issues.

Preaching the sermon, the outgoing Administrative Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Asamoah-Okyere, expressed gratitude to God and the church for the honour done him to serve since 2010.

He said “Christians cannot serve two masters, which is God and money,” and advised them to serve God faithfully.

Stressing that they should not pursue wealth at the expense of serving God he advised that Christians should be content with what they possessed and always work together to enhance the work of God.

The Methodist Church presented a citation to Rt Rev Asamoah-Okyere who is proceeding on sabbatical leave to assist with the putting together of the constitution and standing orders of the church, after the many changes that had taken place since 2000.

The Rt. Rev. Asamoah-Okyere was born on February 25 1948 in Atonsu at the Ashanti Region.

He served as the Bishop of the Kumasi Diocese from 1996 to 2002. Between 2003 and 2009, he was the Superintendent Minister for the Ashaiman and Nsawam circuits.

He served as the acting Administrative Bishop between 2009 and 2010, until he became the substantive bishop about six years ago.

An Administrative Bishop in the Methodist Church is second in command to the Presiding Bishop.

By Joseph Edu Archison



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