I am not using relief fund for politics

Ezenator Rawlings

Ezenator Rawlings

Dr Ezenator Rawlings, a daughter of former President Jerry John Rawlings, has denied reports that she is using her relief support campaign to launch her political bid.

Dr Rawlings has joined forces with Accra-based television network TV3 to raise funds for the June 3 disaster victims of which over 150 persons lost their lives.

“Do you see me wearing anything that promotes anything in particular?” Dr Rawlings queried when asked about her intention behind the relief campaign.

“I’m here in my normal gear helping just like everyone else is here. It’s a communal effort and I think that we need to go beyond politicising what needs to be done for people and what people need to do for themselves,” Dr Rawlings told Accra-based Citi FM yesterday.

She added: “What is important is what is happening on the ground; that is what matters and I don’t think it’s necessary to point fingers and say someone is using this as a way of launching one thing or another.”

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