I Am Committed To Leading NDC — Portuphy

The National Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), Kofi Portuphy, has expressed his commitment and preparedness to lead the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) to victory in the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections.

According to the NADMO boss, he was prepared to inject vibrancy and activate the grassroots to work extra hard to safeguard the victory of the party at the next elections.

“Unity, teamwork, accessibility, including electoral victory are my core guiding principles which I will work hard to sustain and realise,” he said, during an interview with The Ghanaian Times.

Mr. Portuphy doubles as a vice chairman of the NDC which puts him in a pole position of winning the chairmanship race which is scheduled to come off later this year.

He will be slugging it out with the current chairman of the NDC Dr. Kwabena Adjei and Mr. Dan Abodakpi.

“Undoubtedly, Portuphy stands tall amongst the other contestants because he believes in the grassroots, action oriented, decisive, thinker, progressive as well as responding to the hopes and aspirations of the rank and file,” he said.

Uncle Pee, launched his campaign amidst a lot of excitement and hope on the faces of hundreds of party faithfuls, including ministers and former ministers, MPs and former MPs, current and former DCE’s, constituency, regional, national, ward and branch executives including friends and sympathizers and floating voters to catch a glimpse and listen to their new chairman in the making.

Among other things, he promised to strengthen party unity, run an open and transparent administrations, open door to all approach, activation of the grassroots , build team work to guarantee electoral victory.

Kofi Portuphy was a founding member of the Cadre movement. He established the NADMO.

He was a founding member of the National Mobilisation programme. Founding member of the June 4 Movement, Vice Chairman of the NDC, former AMA boss and also director of elections for the ruling National Democratic Congress.

He indicated that with his track record, he believes to sail through to become the next chairman of the ruling party to sustain electoral victory.

He noted that though some people thought 2016 would be difficult,  he believes if the right things are done the NDC will give the opposition NPP another shocker.

The government under president Mahama is doing great by pursuing and delivering the better Ghana agenda holistically.  “We shall overcome,” he stated.

“I am very optimistic of winning a landslide victory judging from the responses and genuine assurances from the rank and file of the party. I offer hope and will lead with respect and dignity for all,” Uncle Pee said.

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