Hunt Down The Murderers!

IT was reported on the front pages of many of the newspapers at the weekend, but might have been drowned in the many high profile cases occupying the media space and discussion platforms presently.

We are referring to the gruesome murder of a journalist at Goaso in the Brong-Ahafo Region.

The murder of John Abanga, affectionately called, King George, a 40-year-old reporter of Success FM on Thursday, might not have been given the publicity and attracted public attention, but nonetheless, was highlighted and brought to public attention.

Even though the police admit that the reports of the events leading to the murder of the journalist are sketchy, they explain that he was gunned down while travelling on his motorbike.

The murder has sent chills down our spines, and the Times condemns the murder of yet another journalist which is coming days to the burial of Mr. Samuel Nuamah, The Ghanaian Times Presidential Correspondent who died in a motor accident late last month.

It is heartbreaking at the time we are struggling to recover from the shock of Nuamah’s death, in the accident which many other journalists were injured, only to be hit with another murder.

It is unclear at this point whether King George died in the line of duty; but what is certain is that unknown assailants gunned him down while travelling,

We are extremely distressed by what is happening to journalists in the country. Two lives lost in these brutal circumstances is too heavy a burden to bear.

More worrying is that increasingly, many journalists are falling victim to assailants and yet society is unable to give them the deserving justice.

The death of a journalist means his or her voice is silenced forever, and it is society that pays the price.

The forces attacking and intimidating journalists are growing in the country, and it is necessary all lovers of free speech and expression rise up against it.

We urge the police to hunt down the assailants swiftly, and prosecute them accordingly.

We must do it so to show that we are a nation committed to freedom of the media.


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