HP Fights Counterfeit Products In Africa

HP-products-tonersandprintsPackard has announced ground breaking methods of identifying counterfeits, allowing customers to tell within seconds if the ink and toner printer cartridges they have purchased are genuine HP products.

Speaking at an anti-counterfeit live demo event in Accra to demonstrate HP’s latest Mobile Authentication solutions, Tina Rose, ACF Marketing Programme Manager, PPS, expressed concern about the impact of counterfeit products, on businesses around the country.

She said “counterfeiting poses a huge challenge to brands and businesses in Ghana, and many other countries around the world. Counterfeiters harm manufacturers and customers, by consistently undermining business standards and practices.”

“Counterfeiting is bad news for everyone, as it dishonestly generates billions of dollars and threatens the reputation of global brands, such as ours. It also harms consumers, by creating low quality products with unknown chemicals which damage printers and can harm the environment,” he said.

Ms. Rose explained that the need to put a permanent end to such illicit activities, made the way with awareness campaigns and innovation.

“The war against counterfeiters is constantly evolving and we remain steadfast in our resolve, which is why we always look for new ways to tackle counterfeiting in our various markets across the world,” she emphasised.

Speaking on HP’s fight against counterfeits in Africa, she  disclosed that HP, cooperating with local authorities, had in the last four years conducted more than 1,000 investigations, resulting in over 800 enforcement actions in the EMEA region.

Nearly nine million units of counterfeit products and components have been seized, she revealed.
Tolulope Lawani, PPS Marketing Manager for HP in West Africa, explained the latest sophisticated security technology on HP printer cartridges, and reiterated the company’s determination to protect consumers against the deceitful and illegal actions of counterfeiters.

“Through the Anti-counterfeit Programme, HP is working hard to protect partners and customers, and ensure they receive only authentic supplies, by making it difficult to produce, distribute and sell counterfeits. HP has been tackling counterfeiting in three main ways: awareness, product packaging and enforcement .As part of this programme, we have introduced HP Mobile Authentication technology on new Original HP print cartridges.”

HP Original inkjet and LaserJet print cartridges feature sophisticated holographic properties, as well as a new Quick Response (QR) code which customers can easily validate, using a web-enabled smartphone or online via www.hp.com/go/ok.

With HP Authentication Software, HP offers customers easy-to-use support, to avoid counterfeit LaserJet print cartridges. Customers can download and instal the free software from www.hp.com/go/TonerCheck. Should the software detect anything unusual, it will warn customers with messages and advise users on what to do next. -  Victor Buxton

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