The vexed issue of accommodation facilities for police personnel has once again been put before the public to assist in resolving the problem.

The accommodation challenges facing the police service is legendary. For a long time, the police service has struggled through the years to accommodate its personnel in very simple and decent places to lay their heads.

Unfortunately, however, try as it did, the situation continues to worsen as a result of which some police personnel now live in uncompleted buildings, offices, garages and dilapidated buildings.

This deplorable living conditions of the security personnel, led the Interior Minister, Mr. Douglas Prosper Bani, to appeal for public support towards the provision of decent accommodation facilities for the police.

Speaking at a special awards ceremony to honour the Inspector General of Police, Mr. John Kudalor and six other officers, at the Police Depot in Accra at the weekend, the Interior Minister said, only 50 per cent of police personnel lived in police apartments across the country.

He said although government was doing all it could to improve on infrastructure facilities of the service, it required the support of the private sector through public private partnership to resolve the challenge.

“Inadequate office and residential accommodation to house members of the service is one of the key challenges confronting the Ghana Police Service,” he said.

The Times notes sadly that this appeal by the Interior Minister, is not new but difficult to understand why 50 per cent of police personnel are sleeping in unconducive conditions across the country.

We are concerned about the situation because security personnel are expected to be housed in decent accommodation to enable them discharge their duties very well.

Is it any wonder, therefore, that the police service is struggling to maintain discipline among personnel, half of which sleep in places that the service had very little control?

Take for instance a police officer who sleeps in an uncompleted building. What control has anyone over such a personnel?

We dare say that such personnel cannot offer optimum service as expected and such personnel can indulge in all manner of unprofessional conducts that tarnishes the image of the police service.

While we sympathise with the police service for the challenges they face, it is unacceptable for the personnel to be sleeping in those conditions.

We urge the government to continue to explore avenues that could secure some support for building of accommodation facilities for the personnel of the service.

It is unhealthy for our police personnel to be sleeping in deplorable buildings across the country.

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