Hotels in Koforidua, environs booked ahead of NPP confab


 Alhaji Umar Bodinga

Alhaji Umar Bodinga

Aspirants, delegates and supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who will be attending the party’s National Delegates Conference in Koforidua on Saturday, but have not already booked their hotels, may want to consider securing accommodation far away from the Eastern Regional Capital, or spend the nights in their vehicles.

Over 90 percent of hotels and guest houses in Koforidua and its environs, specifically in Suhum, Nsawam, Aburi, Adukrom, Somanya and Tafo, have all been booked.

When the Ghanaian Times team visited some hotels and guest houses to enquire about the availability of rooms none of the hotels had even a storeroom to spare.

About 100 hotels and guest houses extending to Tafo, Kukurantumi, Nkurankan, Asokore Osiem and Bunso had all been booked three months ago.

“Yes I can confirm that our facility has been fully booked for by the regional coordinators of the party as far back as 3 months ago.

“We are ready and prepared to receive visitors who will be coming and as such we have made adequate arrangements to meet all their expectations, strict security measures have been put in place to protect the visitors and their property during their stay for the conferences,” some managers of hotels told the Times team.

The demand for accommodation has forced many landlords to speed up work on uncompleted structures and projects to be able to cash in on the big event.

Construction works were busy going on at some hotels and guest houses in the capital as operators and artisans were putting finishing touches to uncompleted projects as other structures were also being renovated to accommodate more visitors.
Regional Executives of the party have managed to secure dormitories which were occupied by out-gone final year students of various Senior High Schools (SHS) in Koforidua to house some members of the party who lost out on hotels.

“The regional executives together with the national executives set up committees that encompass sanitation, accommodation, security, ground works and other auxiliary committees like communications.

With the issue of accommodation as of now, they have virtually secured every hotel and guest house in Koforidua and its environs for delegates and other dignitaries who would be coming to grace the conference.

Apart from the hotels and guest houses, a number of SHSs had also provided accommodation which is mainly not in use because final year students had completed and the dormitories are vacant.
It is the expectation of the school authorities that they would benefit from all the renovation works they have carried out in the schools after the election.

A number of renovation works at the institutions like painting, changing of doors, provision of fans and replacement of their electrical fittings to ensure that even after the election the schools would benefit and make good use of them.

The Ghana Tourism Authority is confident that hotels in the region would deliver top-notch services for patrons during and after the conference.

Majority of hotels and guest houses in the region are in good standing with the Authority, those, especially in Koforidua are all in the good books and are expected to provide quality services to their patrons during the conference.

In an interaction with officials of the Authority, they indicated that they have been embarking on random unannounced inspections and monitoring of the facilities, during all these periods they interact and engage them in good, safe and healthy practices at all times, from the results and feedback.

It is hoped that delegates and other dignitaries who are visiting the region for the first time would not be disappointed with their services.


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