Horse-racing:’Mr. K’ wins Homowo Cup

General Salute on the hills of Mr K. as the two horses romped past the finishing post.Photo Victor Buxton“Mr. K” on Saturday won the last race of the first Homowo Challenge Cup meeting.

It did so over main rival ‘General Salute’.

Before the Division came under the starter’s orders in a seven furlong sprint race, many of the punters were of the opinion that “General Salute” would repeat its win over “Mr. K”.

However, this time, the Handicap Committee decided that, to give a leveling field to all the horses, ‘Mr. K’ would not give any of the horses a 20 yard start as was done in the previous race.

Thus, when the horses took off from the starter’s gate, ‘Mr. K’ did not take anything for granted and quickly shot into the lead before the first bending.

‘General Salute’ took up the challenge and spurred itself into a hot chase to close the gap.

In the last bend, ‘General Salute’ decided to give ‘Mr. K’ a run for its money, when it opened up with an extra energy to close the gap between the horses and nearly caused a surprise as it was right on the heels of ‘M.r K’ as it shot past the winning post just in time to clinch victory.

Coconut Grove Beach Hotel Resort announced its presence on the tracks, with Blessing and Biscuit running a fine race to finish third and fourth respectively in a race Amora, owned by Anwar Mansour cruised home to victory comfortably, followed by Jack in the Maiden Division Race.

In the third race opened to Division 4 B horses, Bonanza led the pack from start to finish in a 6 furlong dash race. ‘Bonanza’ was followed by “Alvaro” and Copter” in that order.

The first race of the day opened to Division 4C horses and was won by Marie Cruz with Dante and Korle-Gonno Boy following in second and third.

By Lawrence Markwei   

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