Honouring a true patriot of the land

PROMINENT citizens who have contributed their quota in various ways to national development deserve to be given fitting recognition and praise as a way of encouraging others.

One great son of Ghana who merits to be remembered by present and future generations is Dr. Ephraim Amu – for his passion for African culture, zealousness towards service to Ghana and preparedness to serve his country as true Ghanaian.

He is one person who suffered at the hands of European authorities in his days for wearing African apparel and promoting African and Ghanaian music to school children. In spite of this, he stood firm and remained committed to his beliefs as an African created in the image of God just like other people also created by the same universal God.

Apart from his commitment and passion for the African tradition, he also strongly believed that an African Christian does not necessarily have to eat European food and also dress like European in order to look pleasing to God.

As far as he was concerned, a person could remain in his tradition and culture and still worship God in the Christian way. This is a great feat that cannot be swept under the carpet.

This passion adopted by Dr. Ephraim Amu has encouraged other Africans to be proud of their culture and portray themselves as Africans to the world. Today, people are proud to portray themselves as Africans through the wearing of African dresses, African food and using African names.

Another reason why Dr. Ephraim Amu cannot be forgotten by Ghanaians is his role and contribution as a patriotic composer who used his talent to tell the Ghanaian story and called on everyone to be patriotic and contribute to nation-building. He consistently called on Ghanaians, irrespective of where they came from, to contribute their quota and help build a great nation.

It is in the light of all this that the Ghanaian Times believes that the decision to name Ho Technical University after him is the most appropriate. By naming the school after him, the present and future generations will remember him as a patriotic citizen who contributed his quota to the development of the country.

This way, others will also be encouraged to work hard in the interest of the nation so that they could also be remembered and named after other monuments or institutions when the time comes.

A good name they say is better than silver and gold. Dr. Ephraim Amu has portrayed himself as a selfless Ghanaian who showed love to his country whilst alive and also rendered the best service to the country through what he did.

His selfless nature as a Ghanaian ought to be emulated by all so that through this, Ghanaians from all parts of the country will see themselves first as patriotic citizens of this country before thinking of where they hail from.

Dr. Ephraim Amu has shown us the way, so in all humility, let each and everyone of us follow him to exhibit patriotism, commitment, selflessness and devotion to duty in the service of the country.

He saw himself first as a Ghanaian before anything else. If this is the case, then we all need to wake up from our slumber and begin to work hard in line with what Ephraim Amu left for us towards the building and reconstruction of our dear country.

May his good deeds as a great son of this country continue to live on at all times.



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