Hollywood producer Paquita Amyra Hughes to shoot film in Ghana

Hollywood producer and executive director, Paquita Amyra Hughes, due  to arrive in the country early next month, is on a mission to shoot a world-class movie, a project aimed at making Ghana a focus of attention in the global film industry.

Paquita would  touch down at the Kotoka International Airport, in Accra, on December 8, 2019, accompanied by US-based Hollywood superstars, Chloe Mondesir and Nylah Mondesir, who are expected  also be playing lead roles in the film.

The trio’s coming was to fulfill another mission: The “Year of Return, Ghana 2019”, a global homecoming event aimed at attracting the biggest number of Africans in the Diaspora to Ghana this year.

Also penciled for the movie project are some African celebrities (from Ghana and outside the country) who are associated with the entertainment industry; their names would be made public when the team arrives from the US.

Times Weekend chanced on one of the actors selected to premier in the star-studded film, whose title is yet to be announced, and had a chat with him about the forthcoming project.

Eben Yelson, a young Ghanaian musician and movie star, known in showbiz as DS De Golden Bhoy, disclosed to Times Weekend on Thursday that, barring any last-minute hitch, Paquita and her team will storm Ghana as scheduled, and move straight into business which spans approximately three weeks.

Particularly, he said the project would be targeting raw talents from Ghana who would be blended with the superstars to shoot the movie.

Expatiating, he said the raw talents, to be picked from the streets, would be dominated by females, “and will be transformed into global brands like in the case of Abraham Nii Attah, the sensational Ghanaian Hollywood star.”

Golden Bhoy said Rock Violet Motion, co-headed by Paquita and Chloe, in collaboration with Ananse Cinema, as part of the homecoming event, would also be rolling a programme to empower young women in Ghana to go into directing and other related roles in the movie industry.

As part of her trip to Ghana, Paquita is expected to travel to Banda in the Bono Region, where she would be crowned as Development Queen.


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