‘Hogbetsotso’ launched

Mr Doe Adjaho(second from left) joins other dignitories to sing one of the Anlo songs. They include the Awormefia of Anlo, Torgbui Sri lll. and Mr Dan Abodakpi (4)The annual ‘Hogbetsotso’ festival of the chiefs and people of the Anlo State, was launched in Accra yesterday.

The event, slated for Saturday, November 5, has the theme, ‘Exploring and expanding the tourist and historical sites of the Anlo State to enhance development’.

Other activities earmarked for the festival include, a congress of chiefs at the Anloga Senior High School, mini durbar at Tadzewu, and a Hogbe lecture at Zion College at Anloga.

The Speaker of Parliament Mr. Edward Doe Adjaho, launching the festival, said the theme could not be achieved without peace and unity in the Anlo State.

He said it was important to know the history of the Anlo State, for the youth and generations to identify with the culture and tradition of the people.

Mr. Adjaho said it was also time to celebrate those who lost their lives to defend the state, adding that “they are heroes and they ought to be celebrated”.

He stressed the need for a standing committee to be set up to engage government for the development of Anlo.

The committee, he said should be an intermediary between the government and the chiefs and people of Anlo.

According to Mr Adjaho, “every town in the Anlo state has its own unique identity, and there is the need to embrace unity in diversity”.

The Deputy Minister  of  Tourism, Culture and  Creative Arts, Ms Dzifa  Abla  Gomashie,  said tourism in  the  Anlo  State  could only be promoted by the people of  Anlo.

She said the tourism sites in Anlo had been relegated to the back, and that other people were being promoted instead, above that of the Anlos.

The deputy minister said the rich traditions of the people could be promoted as tourist attractions for others to appreciate.

“We should not wait  for  the  Hogbetsotso festival before we  unveil our  culture, traditions and  tourist sites  to the people of  Ghana,” she stated.

According to Ms Gomashie, it was rather unfortunate that the people of Anlo were excessively appreciating other people’s culture, at the expense of their own culture.

“We owe it to ourselves as Ewe people, to celebrate who we are, and not to be ashamed but to be proud of it.”

Ms Gomashie called on the Anlo people and Ghanaians to eschew acrimony and be circumspect during the upcoming elections.

The Awadada of the Anlo State, Awadada Agbesi Awusu II, said the festival was celebrated to commemorate the last leg of the exodus of the Anlo people to the current   state in Ghana.

He said the past celebrations of the festival were to extensively put Anlo on the path of unity and reconciliations to promote the aggressive development of the land.

He said it was time to explore and expand the tourist sites to enhance the development of their heritage.

Awadada  Awusu said “the  children of the land must  also accept the  historic  path of some  sites,  such as ‘Torkor Atorlia’, which was the burial  ground  for recalcitrant  youths in time past,  ‘gblornyavudo’ at Tegbi,   Awasadame  at  Tsiame, Fort  Prinzentein  at Keta,  and the  birds and  monkey  sanctuary  at Xavi,  and be proud to show them to the  world”.


By Jemima Esinam Kuatsinu 

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