Ho experiences water shortage

Residents of Ho in the Volta Region, have for the past two days, been trooping to the ancient and forgotten well sites in search of water, following an acute water shortage on Tuesday.

A number of chop bar operators shut down their premises due to lack of water.

According to a source close to the Ghana Water Company, the problem followed a breakdown of one of the company’s control panels at Kpeve.

Some workers were seen carrying plastic containers and jerry-cans on their way to work, in the hope of getting some water from the reservoirs at their work places.

The situation created high demand for bottled and sachet water, as people visited shops to buy the produce in wholesale quantities for drinking, bathing and washing.

Many retail shops sold out their packaged water by yesterday in the morning.

Authorities of some boarding schools also granted permission to their students to go out and look for water.

Before mid-day yesterday, the problem had been resolved and life had returned to normalcy.

From Alberto Mario Noretti, Ho

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