Helping to re-craft the world:Dear President Mahama

John_Dramani_Mahama_at_Chatham_HouseI write at the instance of my conviction that the world has entered the stage of serious instability and that the need for re-crafting a new global order has become more imperative than ever before.

It is also my conviction that a small country like Ghana needs to trumpet that need and create the platform for engaging the minds of world leaders towards the re-engineering of a new global architecture.

Mr. President, your mentor and inspirer, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, ably supported by your late father, Minister E.A Mahama, made the world aware of the dangers of nuclear weapons and of their proliferation.

Instrumentally, Nkrumah, through the Non-Aligned Movement and through his own powerful, loud initiatives, drummed home the need for a ‘world without the Bomb’. This created the platform for the inception of security regimes, including the famous Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Today, the world is at the brink of another disaster. Instability is all over the world. There is an insipid ‘Clash of Civilizations’ due to unilateralism and a re-emergence of the Cold War.

The West, in a mis-interpretation of the end of the Cold War in the 1990,s, has arrogated to itself the right to universalize western values, the realization of which is found in unilateral actions, outside the confines of institutions of global governance. Indeed, global insecurity, mostly foisted by the developed powers, do affect and hurt the developing countries the most.

From the balkanization of Yugoslavia through the dismemberment of Iraq, Syria, and Libya the story of the international use of force is being re-contoured. Some military blocs and other hegemons have arrogated to themselves the right to re-craft the world.

Incidentally, every action of theirs has spelt chaos and doom for most parts of the developing world. While these hegemons preach human rights and peace, they cause global hiccups and instability.

Then they turn round and offer assistance in the form of troops, loans, etc. and demand bases on the soils of the very developing countries who have been ignominiously affected by their misguided actions, in the first place. As we are all aware, this has generated a wave of responses through Jihadism. Meanwhile, global problems are being looked at through the lenses of the Cold War.

Alliances are being formed (Russia getting closer to India and China and supporting Syria, North Korea, Iran etc., the US ensuring that sanctions on Russia are supported by most allies, etc.).

The result is instability throughout the world. Sub-national groups have intensified their activism, leading to state implosion in many places.

It is about time someone calls the world to order and I am convinced that the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is the most plausible and authentic organization to do so now. Fortunately, the 60th Summit of the organization is just around the corner (18th-23rd April 2015).

Is it not an opportune time for Ghana to raise the issue to draw attention to the state of global anarchy? Of course, the prominence of NAM has waded because of the end of the Cold War and the prominence given to organizations like the G20, G8, etc. and the pre-occupation of the world with global terror.

But the extent of global turmoil, which negatively impacts on development, especially in Developing Countries, and the need to halt the menace make it imperative to make them the mail agenda on the NAM menu.

With a membership of 118 members, representing the interests and priorities of developing countries, NAM is a potent force for re-engineering global architecture.

It must be remembered that NAM, at its inception, sought to “create an independent path in world politics that would not result in member States becoming pawns in the struggles between the major powers.”

Beyond this, there was the additional goal of facilitating a restructuring of the international economic order towards equity and peaceful co-existence.

In fact, the accent today is on this last point. And, Mr. President, it is precisely this point that I seek to stress. Can Ghana seek through NAM a way for saving the world from total collapse?

Of great interest should be global cooperation in the areas of diseases, hunger, disasters etc. Indeed, this is the time for the original goals of the NAM to be realized. If all the 118 members of NAM will on one accord demand equity and sanity in international politics, the world will be safer

Mr. President, as you are aware, unlike most international organizations, NAM does not have a formal constitution or permanent secretariat, and its administration is rotational and non-hierarchical. Decisions are made by consensus, which requires substantial agreement, but not unanimity.

The task of being pivotal in re-engineering the global order would demand of NAM to have a permanent structure and I want you to table this at the impending Summit. Remember, Sir, Mr President, the Commonwealth did not use to have a formal Secretariat. Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was the one who tabled a motion for the formal structuring of the Commonwealth. You can do same today for the NAM and for posterity.

I know, Sir, that you have a lot on your plate, which you may want to discuss with your colleagues at the NAM conference. But, with all due humility, can you consider the points herein raised? The world needs an initiator, and I find it in Ghana, in you.

Be assured, Sir of my highest esteem.

Dr. V. Antwi-Danso

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