‘Help children to acquire vocational skills’

Mrs.Dzifa Gomashie,Deputy Minister of Tourism,Culture and Creative ArtsParents and guardians have been admonished to help their children acquire vocational skills needed for national development.

According to the Deputy Minister for Tourism and Creative Arts, Abla Dzifa Gomashie, that would help children to earn a living and become responsible adults.

She made the call at the closing ceremony of the 2016 vacation youth camp, organised by the National Commission on Culture (NCC) for youth in Nima, in Accra.

About 237 teenagers, who participated in this year’s youth camp, were trained in basketry, drumming, dancing, piano and guitar playing, batik tie and dye, cooking and sporting activities.

Mrs. Gomashie asked parents to allow their children  to take part in vacation camps, to enable them to acquire vocational skills.

The camps she provided a platform for children from different backgrounds and families to learn from each other in a unique environment and way.

“This is an avenue where the youth can refresh their minds while on vacation since it helps them to practically acquire knowledge in the creative industry of the country,” Mrs. Gomashie stressed.

She expressed gratitude to the organisers of the event for adding cooking, football and basketball to enrich the curriculum of the camp.

Mrs. Gomashie appealed to individuals and organisations to support the ministry in shaping the lifestyles and future of children through such camps.

“The ministry cannot do it all alone, and there is the need for support from parents and guardians in providing the needed practical experiences for children,” she said.

The Director of Finance and Administration for the National Commission on Culture (NCC) Mr. Micheal Attipoe, said a lot must go into the development of children in the country.

He said that there was the urgent need for faith based organisations to assist state institutions in training children.

Mr. Attipoe thanked the National Service Secretariat for posting personnel to the NCC, saying “With the posting of Service personnel to the Culture Commission, next year’s vacation camp will be more interesting and attractive.”

The acting Director of the Community Youth Culture Centre (CYCC), Mrs. Alice Kala, said this year’s camp help children acquire skills required for nation building and thanked trainers and organisers for supporting the programme.

By Daniel N. Amparbeng and Lisanne Dornoff



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