Health service providers urged to respect clients

Dr Sarpong with the participants

Dr Sarpong with the participants

The Eastern Regional Director of the Ghana Health Service, Dr Charity Sarpong has urged health service providers in the country to respect their clients and provide all-inclusive health care delivery services.

That, she said was necessary to ensure a quality health care delivery that would increase utilisation of health facilities, compliance and bring about a more healthy and happy people.

“As service providers, we can achieve quality health care if we respect our clients and allow them to assess the kind of services we provide and give feedback, then, we can consider their opinions which will help us improve on our services and be able to provide the kind of health care that they really need.”

Dr Sarpong was speaking at a two day training workshop organised and funded by USAID for selected health care service providers who worked as District Health Management Committee and District Citizen Monitoring Group for the People for Health (P4H) project which seeks to ensure mutual accountability in health services.

The workshop brought together participants who hailed from the Lower Manya Krobo and Akuapem Districts, and the New Juaben Municipality.

They were trained on the use of community health score card, a participatory and community based monitoring and evaluation tool that enables service providers to inform the citizenry of available health services and allow citizens to access the quality of health care services and share their opinions on the accessibility and quality of the services provided.

Dr Sarpong stated that the workshop’s decision to train participants on the use of the community health score card was commendable and stated that it would bring both service providers and clients together to assess health services available and help to identify issues that needed to be addressed.

“Once we know how to use the score card, we can bring our clients on board and allow them to assess the kind of services we provide and their opinions can help us improve on our services,” the Eastern Regional Director of the Ghana Health Services stated.

That, she said would bring about quality health care service that would bring satisfaction between both service providers and their clients.

“By this we can guarantee a certain type of coordination and hopefully quality health care service delivery system would be achieved,” she said, adding the nation would also have a healthy human resource that would drive the development of this country.”

For his part, Mukaila Adamu, a Civil Society Advisor and member of the P4H group said there was the need for health care providers to come together with their clients to share their knowledge and opinion on health care services provided.

“Through, the knowledge and opinion sharing, health providers would be provided with information that would help them to improve health care for the citizenry.”

He commended the organisers of the workshop adding that at the end of the day, the rights of the citizenry would be respected and service providers would be empowered to deliver quality health care.


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