Health Minister tours 2 hospitals

Mr. Alex Segbefia(right), Minister of Health, interacting with some of the pregnant women at the Mamprobi Polyclinic Maternity Ward during his visit. Photo: Ebo Gorman

Mr. Alex Segbefia(right), Minister of Health, interacting with some of the pregnant women at the Mamprobi
Polyclinic Maternity Ward during his visit. Photo: Ebo Gorman

Mr. Alex Segbefia, Min­ister of Health, paid un­announced visits to two health facilities in Accra yesterday, to interact with the managers and have first-hand information on their challenges.

They are the Mamprobi Poly­clinic and the Princess Marie Louise Children’s Hospital.

Mr. Alex Segbefia’s first stop was the Mamprobi Polyclinic where he toured the facility in­cluding the maternity, recovery, labour, post-natal and emergency wards, as well as the Out-Patient Department (OPD), the laborato­ry and pharmacy.

It formed part of attempts by the minister to appreciate the dif­ficulties of health facilities in the country and what would be re­quired to resource or expand them to meet the demands of the time.

Among the prominent issues raised by the polyclinic officials were broken down equipment which needed to be changed for effective health delivery, and the infrastructural gap which had forced some offices to operate on the corridors of the hospital.

At the Labour Ward for in­stance, the polyclinic requested that their sterilizer, resuscitation machines and old dilapidated de­livery beds be replaced and aug­mented with squatting beds to of­fer variety to women in labour, for incident-free delivery.

At the Princess Marie Louise Hospital, the Minister went to the oxygen room following last week’s reported shortage of ox­ygen at the facility, the country’s only specialised children’s treat­ment centre, before touring the other wards.

Briefing the media after the fa­miliarisation tour, Mr. Segbefia said government’s commitment was unchanged and that it would do all it could to transform the sector.

He said government was in­terested in the management and efficiency of polyclinics across the country as a result of the roles they played as a primary source of health care delivery in peri-ur­ban areas especially in the fight against maternal mortality.

The minister applauded the Mamprobi Polyclinic for not re­cording any birth related death in the last two years and urged them to give their all.

According to Mr. Segbefia, government was committed to building teaching hospitals across the country so as to train special­ist doctors to cater for the health needs of the country.

He said doing so would give the country an urge to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of global goals set by the United Nations to succeed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and are expected to run for the next 15 years.

Expanding the infrastructural base of the health sector, Mr. Seg­befia said was crucial to a better health delivery system where staff of the various departments would work in a conducive environment.

Mr. Segbefia expressed satis­faction at the professionalism of staff members at the facilities and advocated a more cordial relation­ship with patients.

He described the tour as an eye opener and admitted that “though it will not address all the challeng­es in the short term, it is important for planning for the future”.

By Julius Yao Petetsi

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