Health Minister Admits Shortfalls In Funding NHIS

Mr KwakuThe Minister for Health, Dr. Kwaku Agyemang Mensah, has revealed that there has been consistent shortfalls in government’s allocation to the  the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

According to the minister, the last three years had recorded a consistent shortfall in the expenditure requirements of the scheme.

The minister made the revelation when he appeared before Parliament yesterday to brief the House on the state of the NHIS.

He said the funding gap trends showed a gap of GH¢144.74 million in 2012, GH¢118.00 million in 2013 and GH¢299.18 million in 2014.

He noted that as a result of that financial imbalance,the scheme was expected to be confronted with a funding gap in excess  of GH¢299 million in 2014.

He however gave the caution that if the financing regime was not reviewed for additional inflows, the funding gap would increase from GH¢347million in 2015 to reach a projected gap of GH¢803 million in 2018.

The minister revealed that, per the NHIL collection report  available for the year up to August 2014, a total  amount  of GH¢607.27 million had been collected by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA)and Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) on behalf of the Authority.

He said collections for September and October 2014 was estimated at GH¢151.8 million and indicated that, approved NHIL budget for 2014 was GH¢917.86 million.

Mr. Agyeman-Mensah noted that, a total amount of GH¢929.66 million had so far been received into the NHIS Fund as of August 2014. Out of that, GH¢332.21 million was in respect of arrears for 2013 and GH¢597.45 million for 2014.

He noted that, reported NHIL yet to be released into the Fund for 2014 was GH¢9.82 million. That, he explained, included estimated collections for September and October.

He said total claims paid in 2014 to date was GH¢761.25million representing 81.8 per cent of total NHIL reciepts for the year to date while  claims for the months of June to October 2014 estimated at GH¢425 million remained outstanding.

“Claims to healthcare providers for services rendered to subscribers has increased from GH¢7.60 million in 2005 to GH¢785.64 million in 2013,” he said.

By Yaw Kyei


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