The government has hinted of establishing a national identification data base that will harmonise all identification data system under one national platform.

It said the harmonisation of the various data bases from organisations such as security agencies, National Health Insurance Authority, National Communication Authority and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, among others, will eradicate duplications of national IDs in the country.

It will also assist government to maximise tax collection, reduce crime and help in information verification. This is laudable.

Mrs. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, Minister-designate for Communication, disclosing this on Wednesday when she appeared before the Appointments Committee of Parliament, promised that the platform would be created before the end of the year.

The Times is excited about the decision by the government to harmonise all ID cards in the country. Infact, many Ghanaians have discussed this issue and have come to the conclusion that the country needs it.

Indeed, it is counter-productive to carry numerous ID cards on ones person all the time. It is not safe and exposes the card holders to theft.

Elsewhere across the world, ID cards for various activities and transactions are on a single platform, that provides personal details anytime one wants to use it.

It does not matter what one wants to use it for, the most important thing is that, ID cards give you the opportunity to transact business easily.

Over here in Ghana, the number of ID cards that one has to carry for various activities and transactions makes it clumsy and cumbersome to use.

Many people have avoided using cards because during every transaction, be it at the bank, the licensing office, for the purpose of National Health Insurance scheme (NHIS) or use at the shop, among others, one has to use different cards.  But with a harmonised ID card, Ghanaians can carry it as an identity card and for other uses.

We hope, however, that harmonised national ID, would not compromise individual’s right to privacy and lead to its misuse by the security apparatus.

Ghanaian welcome the idea and hope that it will be implemented soon to make transactions simple for everyone in the country.


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