The dust has settled, and the boys have been separated from the men. Ghana has qualified to play La Cote d’I’voire in the final of the 2015 African Cup of Nations, in Equatorial Guinea.

The Black Stars triumphed over the host nation, Equatorial Guinea, to set the stage for a tantalising grand finale with its West African neighbours, who also dismissed DR Congo at the semi-finals stage.

Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire have displayed dazzling and smashing form throughout the tournament, and the grand finale promises to be a dream match for them.

Ghana would be going into the match with revenge on their mind, while Cote d’Ivoire would like to repeat their 1992 feat at Ziginchou, Senegal, where it snatched the cup from Ghana, after a marathon penalty shoot-out.

Player-for-player, the two teams seem to be evenly matched and are scoring goals at will.

On paper, however, Cote d’Ivoire seem to be ahead of Ghana, with such towering figures as Captain Yahya Toure and Givenhno, but the Ghanaian team made up of mostly young players, has risen to the occasion, regardless of who the opponent is.

Evidently, there is very little to pick about the tactical differences between the two teams, and that is why the final match on Sunday, would be one made for the heavens.

Ghana is currently ranked fifth in Africa, and won the tournament 32 years ago, in Libya, in 1982. The qualification for the final of AFCON 2015, is therefore, a golden opportunity for Ghana to annex the trophy which has eluded it for the past three decades.

Now that the semi-final is out of the way, it is important to strategise well enough to clinch victory on Sunday.

While congratulating the Stars for reaching the final, we appeal again to Ghanaians to throw their weight behind the players to enable to them bring us the cup.

The Stars have truly atoned for their abysmal performance at the World Cup in Brazil, and Ghanaians must reciprocate the gesture by forgiving and offering their unflinching support, once again.

Once again, kudos to the Black Stars!

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