Hail Isaac Dogboe; the Royal Storm does it again!

In far away Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona, in the United States of America last Saturday, the Royal Storm, Isaac Dogboe, has taught us how humility plays a key role in making one victorious.

Before his fight, the Japanese contender, Hidenori Otake was heard loud and clearly in the media bragging; he was reported to have said “Isaac Dogboe has been on the canvas and I would keep him there.”

This was in apparent reference to the Dogboe’s previous fight against Jessie Magdaleno in April, when Dogboe  tripped , but lifted himself from the canvas and knocked out the American in the 11th round, to annex the Word Boxing Organisation Super Bantamweight title.

The Royal Storm’s title defence against Otake, last Saturday brings to mind what one of the World’s most celebrated sports icon, the legendary Muhammad Ali, once said: “Bragging is when a person says something and can’t do it, I do what I say.”

Indeed, the 37-year old Japanese could not live up to his pre-match bragging and instead humility triumphed when he was stopped in the first round of the World Boxing Organisation Super Bantamweight title fight against the hard-hitting Dogboe.

The pre-match hype erroneously led many expecting a fierce encounter between the two boxers given their impressive records, and it, therefore, came as a huge surprise when Dogboe ended the fight on rather fast note in round one, when many boxing fans had hardly settled  down to watch the match.

Dogboe is a great boxer and Ghanaian Times commends him for his tenacity of purpose, reflecting in his unflinching desire to raise the flag of Ghana high and bring honour and glory to mother Ghana.

The Royal Storm and his corner, particularly Dogboe is on his way to becoming a contemporary global boxing icon. At his age 23, there is still enormous amount of energy under his sleeves to dare opponents, and no wonder at the end of the fight he called out all champions in the bantamweight division to step forward for a unification bout.

The urgency with which he dispatched his opponent clearly indicates that he is hungry for more opponents and we urge all the champions in the Worlds Boxing Association and the World Boxing Council, to heed the call and give the Ghanaian champion the fight he has been yearning for.

Dogboe’s rise to fame in the game of boxing did not come easy; it has taken him a lot of sacrifice which is yielding the desired result.

In Dogboe lies a shining example of hope for the future. We encourage the youth to be guided by the character being exhibited by Dogboe to do more for their motherland, in whatever field of endeavour they find themselves.

Certainly, the future of this country lies in the youth; it behooves them to take up the challenge to unearth their natural talents in whatever field to bring honour to the country.

We urge the government to create the condition for the comprehensive development of the youth for them to unearth their talents and skills for national development.

We really appreciate the efforts of Dogboe on the World stage. He has brought some smiles to wipe away our tears on the death of our towering diplomatic icon, former United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, who passed on to eternity ; a week before Dogboe took to the ring to square it up with Otake.

We urge him to remain focused, train hard, continue to be humble and remain a shining example of the youth in the country.



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