‘Gyms need qualified physical instructors’

The President of the Ghana Boxing Federation (GBF)Mr.Gideon Quartey, has urged managers of boxing gyms in the country to appoint qualified physical instructors to administrate the physical conditioning of boxers.

Sadly, almost all gyms in the country lack qualified personnel in this area and that, according to Mr. Quartey, does not augur well for the boxers especially who would suffer for not being exposed to the correct physical demands of the sport.

The lack of qualified personnel became a major issue at a special seminar for boxing coaches  held last Thursday at the Azumah Nelson Sports Complex in Kaneshie with over 30 trainers in attendance.

Mr. Quartey cautioned that the area of physically developing a boxer was so vital that managers must not toy with it because it could make or unmake a boxer.

He attributed that to the thinking among managers that keeping a boxer fit was just a matter of getting the boxer to be running on the road every day.

“The area of physicals in boxing is very important. Every boxer is different from the other and so are the demands for their physical conditioning but it takes a qualified physical instructor to determine that kind of conditioning a boxer needs for a fight,” Mr. Quartey pointed out.

He appealed to the gym managers to make an effort in securing services of physical instructors and draw weekly and monthly schedules for the respective boxers.

“I know most of the gyms are desisting from this because of the financial issues involved but you don’t need to appoint them on full time basis. Try and explain to them the operations of the sport and let them guide you in drawing plans that will suit their training programmes.”

Contributing, Mr. Saka Acquaye, Deputy Director, Technical, of the National Sports Authority (NSA) told the coaches that the physical demands of boxers cannot be ignored in the bid to raise a world class boxer.

However, he said it becomes a matter of concern to find out that personnel handling their physical activities are not professionals, asking the multi-million dollar question, ‘where do they come from and what is their knowledge in Physical Education. These people would end up breaking your boxer instead of building him.’

He said in preparing an athlete for competition, a physical instructor will have to consider Sports periodisation which is the planning of athletic training using a progressively cyclic format with the goal of timing peak performance during the athlete’s major competitive events.

He said for conditioning programmes, periodisation can organise the year’s training into pre-season, in-season, and post-season, with focus on different goals in each phase.

Training should be organised and planned based on the competitions in the calendar, considering also the athlete’s potential, previous performances, and goals for the year.

By Andrew Nortey

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