GWCL to introduce new method for water treatment

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) would install an electro chlorination system for its two major water treatment plants at Weija and Kpong Headworks.

Electro-chlorination of water system is a simple and proven technology used in converting common salt by running  an electric current through the salt water to produce high grade sodium hypochlorite.

The sodium hypochlorite would then be use to disinfect water from all water-borne diseases and make it safe for human use, especially, as drinking water.

The project which would be piloted for six months was being undertaken by Intermec (Ghana) Limited, a water engineering company under its brand name OSEC and extended to the other headworks after the piloting cost analysis.

Briefing the media after a presentation by the company’s representative, Dr Clifford Braimah, the Managing Director of GWCL said the partnership between the two companies was to ensure water quality at a less cost.

He said the new technology has become one of the cost-effective, reliable and safer alternatives to disinfecting treated water and improve its quality without big expenditure.

Dr Braimah said, currently the company spends huge sums of monies to treat water and its headworks, thus the new technology would significantly reduce the cost of treating water for consumption.

He said that would ultimately translate into reduced cost for consumers since the cost of producing the treated water would go down.

Dr Braimah said the piloted technology would reduce the risk of drinking contaminated water, especially, at illegal mining sites which increased the water turbidity by ensuring that potable water was free from any pathogens.

He said the new technology would also boost business downstream since, the process would increase the demand for salt and its preparation before being fed into the system.

Dr Braimah said, after the pilot project, the GWCL would critically examine the cost analysis of deployment adding that, when it proved to be beneficial, it would be rolled across the country.

By Lawrence Markwei

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