GTF owes players over US$38,000 Former Pres. reveals

AmarteyThe past president of the Ghana Tennis Federation (GTF), Mr. Enoch Amartey has revealed that it is heavily indebted to players to the tune of over US$38,000.

And failure to satisfy that financial demands appears to be creating a player apathy, a situation he advised the ministries of Finance and Youth and Sports to expedite action to forestall any unforeseen circumstance.

This and other debts owed the International Tennis Federation (ITF) were some of the concerns captured in his report to congress held on Friday at the Accra Sports Stadium.

According to Mr. Amartey, the US$38,000 represents per diems and winning bonuses for players for the past three years.

The saddest of all, he said, was knowledge that the amount has received the approval of the Chief of Staff but the respective ministries are yet to release the monies for the players.

“The nation consistently participated in the Davis Cup tournament and on two occasions in the Africa Cup of Nations event in a bid to qualify to the Euro/Africa zone II.

We also participated in a number of Africa Junior championships and in all these instances, monies were not advanced to pay the players that excelled.”

Mr. Amartey also explained circumstances under which Ghana was suspended by the ITF.

“Following the non-payment of the International Tennis Federation and the Confederation of African Tennis (ITF/CAT) subscription fees in the sum of US$ 12, 874.00, the GTF was suspended in the middle of the year 2013.”

The suspension, the immediate past president said disturbed Ghana’s participation in all international programmes organized under the auspices of the two organizations.

He however revealed that the Federation has since been re-instated following the payment of the fees which was financed partly by McDan Shipping Company (US$ 12,000) and himself paying up the rest.

But interestingly, the GTF is saddled on how to meet a January 31 deadline of paying an amount of US$ 5,000 as subscription fee for the year 2015.

Mr. Amartey told the Times Sports that it is very difficult to receive funds to run the activities of the association, forcing members to always fund activities of the national teams from their pockets.

On that score, he urged the new executives to find ways of raising funds to support their activities.

By Andrew Nortey

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