Gt. Oly boss urges NC to be transparent

General Manager of Accra Great Olympics, Mr. Oloboi Commodore has commended the Normalisation Committee (NC) for introducing a special tournament to keep the club active; but has condemned the regulations governing it.

According to Oloboi, the money involved in the competition was nothing to write home about.

In his view, the committee lacks transparency since they were not able to declare before the clubs the source of the money for the competition.

“I was expecting that, they tell us maybe government or a certain source has given us for example US$1m and since the competition involve 64 clubs, we [the normalization committee] have set aside maybe 70 or 50% for administrative purposes but there was nothing of that sort; even with the source of the money, we pressed them before they said it is from the government. It is not good” he said.

The General Manager of the Division one club further added that, it is not in any regulation that, only Premier League clubs are eligible to play in the CAF Champions League but rather, any club that wins a national tournament only the Ghana Football Association (GFA) declares that tournament as a national competition.

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