GSL Strengthens Capacity

•   Some participants visiting the stands of Global Solutions/Inlaks stand at  the forum.

• Some participants visiting the stands of Global Solutions/Inlaks stand at the forum.

Global Solutions Limited (GSL)/Inlaks Computers, services partner and   sole distributors of TEMENOS Banking Software in West Africa, has participated in the annual Temenos Community Forum (TCF) held in Rome, Italy as a prestigious gold sponsor.

The four-day event held on the theme “Succeeding through the Digital Revolution” gave Global Solutions clients the opportunity to keep abreast with the digital trends in dynamic banking industry.

The event discussed how digitisation is bringing about change, with cloud computing lowering the cost of doing business; improvements in mobile technology rendering banking far more accessible; making it possible for firms to draw major insights into customers’ lives; and, social media providing the opportunity to inject a social context into banking services.

Commenting on the theme, Mr. Olufemi Muraino, Director, Strategic Sales & Marketing, Global Solutions said: “Digitization is fundamentally changing the dynamics of the banking industry. It is simultaneously giving more power to customers while opening up the industry to new non-traditional competitors”.

Olufemi said banks have the potential to succeed in the digital age, thanks to their existing assets, such as large customer bases, access to rich transactional data and the ability to offer integrated financial services.

According to Mr. Ben Robinson, Chief Marketing/ Strategy, Temenos, “banks must find a way to increase the benefits from the copious assets if they are to remain competitive. In particular, they should concentrate on ridding themselves of legacy (technology and processes), on developing a balanced multichannel delivery model, on deepening their data analysis capabilities and, lastly, on playing a greater role in their customers’ lives.

The company is one of the largest vendors of information technology providing services and infrastructure to the financial, manufacturing and government sectors in Ghana and West Africa. Global Solutions is also a Business Partner for Emerson Network Power (Liebert range of UPS), Watford Control, Ramco and ORACLE.

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