Group holds National Repentance Day

The Rebuilders Movement, a religious organisation, has held a national repentance day service in Accra under the theme, “Renewing Ghana’s covenant with God”.

The programme aimed at calling on Ghanaians to pray fervently for the nation during these difficult times.

Speaking at the service, the initiator of the movement, Mr Joshua Boakye Boateng, urged Ghanaians to be prayerful in order to help solve the current crisis instead of adopting the blame game.

“What are we doing ourselves as individuals or patriots in these tough times?” he quizzed.

Mr Boateng said that everybody should be part of solving our problems “and together we can have a fruitful result”.

“It is high time we stopped the blame game and cry unto the Lord to redeem our country from the torture we are experiencing now as a country,” he said.

Mr Boateng claimed that the country would mark its 60th anniversary in two years time “yet we are only retrogressing as a nation”.

“In two years time, we will celebrate our 60th independence anniversary and all we see is problems coming in thick and fast. When the Lord decides to penalise you, He takes you thro-ugh tiring and torrid times only to draw you closer to Him,” he said.

According to him, the country was well-endowed in terms of natural resources and foodstuffs but the problems were not getting any better, adding that there were some resources still untapped.

Mr Boateng encouraged Ghanaians not to give up but to continue to pray for the government so that God would give the leaders innovation in order to steer the country in the right direction.

By Michael Kwame Donkor  

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