Gregory Afoko’s life in danger?

People in the premises of the Accra Magistrate’s Court were yesterday, gripped with fear and panic as the court was forced to adjourn the case involving Gregory Afoko over a possible attack by the family of the late Upper East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Adam Mahama.

That was after the investigator in the case, Inspector Nkrumah had told the court, in the absence of the prosecutor, that they had picked information that the other family wanted to attack the accused, Afoko.

According to him, some of the people were at the premises of the court, and therefore, a slight delay could lead to chaos.

Consequently, the court, presided over by Worlanyo Kotoku, in a bid to avoid a possible attack, swiftly adjourned the case to September 22, in the absence of the prosecutor.

Just after the proceedings, a lady, Booya, nearly picked up a fight with the accused as she rained insults on him after she was prevented by armed policemen who whisked Afoko away.

Meanwhile, other sympathisers of the late Adam Mahama had massed up at the premises of the Cocoa Affairs Court thinking the case would be heard there.

Speaking to the Times, later, the counsel for the accused, Ekow Ampah Korsa, expressed disappointment at the inability of the police to cause the arrest of those who threatened the life of his client.

On September 18, drama ensued at the Cocoa Affairs Court when sympathisers of the late Adam Mahama and those of his assailants, threw courtesies to the wind and assaulted each other verbally.

In the ensuing melee, Rukaya, daughter of Mahama, who was part of those attacking the Afoko family, collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

Violence gradually crept into the scene, as Journalists, court officials and bystanders came between the feuding supporters who fumed with rage and were ready to exchange blows.

According to them, Adam Mahama was their breadwinner and losing him in a painful debacle, was unfortunate, adding that they were demanding justice from the judicial system of the country.

That was after a high court, presided over by Justice Ken Okwabi had refused Afoko bail on an application brought before it.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme   

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