Gregory Afoko family unhappy about discontinuation of murder trial

The family of Gregory Afoko, have expressed misgivings by the last minute filing of Nolle Prosequi by the Attorney-General to discontinue the case in which their son is being tried for murder.

Afoko and Alangdi Asabke were arraigned at the Accra Central District Court on Tuesday for alleged conspiracy to commit crime and murder.

His (Afoko) counsel was due to file closing address on or before February 8 when he was discharged and re-arrested.

The two are currently detained at the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) custody, as the police carry out investigations to unravel the roles played by accused in the murder of Adams Mahama, the late Upper East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

However a statement issued by Robert Atong Asekabta, spokesperson for the Ayieta Family said that Afoko’s release and subsequent arrest was a sinister motive to have him suffer for a crime he has not committed.

The statement described the manner in which Afoko was released from Nsawam Medium Prisons three days, ago, as a travesty of justice.

It said, “This is a travesty of justice for our son and brother who aside from suffering for the past four years, will have to go through further trauma just because some people in authority have already convicted him even before the courts give their verdict.”

The statement said, “On our part, we will stand by our relative and offer him maximum support until he gets the true justice every Ghanaian deserves.

“The family is of the view that having unjustifiably served almost four (4) years in detention, the trial of our son was set to end next month after Gregory had maintained his innocence in the matter right from day one.” it said.

The statement said that the family was optimistic, after following the trial closely, that Afoko was going to be acquitted and discharged.

It stressed that, “The family wants to know if the Gregory trial could not have proceeded to its logical conclusion whilst that of another suspect is started. If the prosecution knew that it would need another suspect in the matter to be able to prosecute successfully, why put Gregory through the pain of going through the whole trial process only to turn around and say that you want to prosecute the two together?”



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