IT is uncommon for The Ghanaian Times to comment on chieftaincy issues, but happenings at the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs have compelled us to make a few observations.

The chiefs have raised eyebrows with their threat of demonstration over the transfer of the Registrar of Greater Accra House of Chiefs.

The traditional rulers are demanding the immediate reinstatement of Mr. Henry Attipoe, whose transfer they describe as unjust and a victimisation borne out of allegations leveled against him by the Apollonian Youth Development Association.

A statement signed by the President of the House, Nene Abram Kabu Akuoku III, explained however, that the youth group that wrote the petition, calling for the transfer, later apologised to its action and further appealed to the Regional Minister against the request, but the government went ahead to effect the transfer.

“The house wishes to state that it is very disappointed with the response received from the Chief of Staff after it petitioned the Flagstaff House against the transfer.

“We felt very disappointed, and we are in the process of assembling and sending a delegation to the Flagstaff House to address the issue,” Nene Akuoku was quoted as saying.

The chiefs must obviously be aggrieved because of the transfer of Mr. Attipoe and are expressing their anger through the statement they issued.

Their intension is to get their message through to the President and compel him to cause the reinstatement of Mr. Attipoe.

In our view, the approach of the chiefs in the matter is unhelpful and their demands misplaced.

If their argument is that the government based its decision to transfer Mr. Attipoe on the petition by the youth of Appolonia, then we find it contradictory for them to say that the youth petitioned for the reinstatement of Mr. Attipoe.

Our concern is that Mr. Attipoe is a public servant and subject to the service conditions of the Public Services Commissions.

His appointment and transfer is also based on the laid-down rules and regulations of the Commission, but if he feels aggrieved he could petition against his transfer and not the chiefs, doing so on his behalf.

We wonder what the situation would be like if all houses of chiefs in the country would insist on having a particular person as the registrar.

We can agree with the chiefs if they acknowledge the competence of Mr. Attipoe, but what they should not do is to insist on him and only him to be the registrar of Mr. Attipoe.

The threat by the chiefs to march to the Flagstaff House because of the transfer of a public servant is curious and intriguing.

Could there be other motives than what we have been publicly told?

We revere our chiefs and recognise the role they play in society, especially maintaining law and order in their various jurisdictions.

That is why we are baffled that at this point when tensions are high, and the entire country is in the political campaign mood our chiefs should threaten to demonstrate over the transfer of a registrar.

We think the timing is wrong and the process being used to demand the reinstatement of the registrar inappropriate.

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