Graphic reporter apologises to Parliament

•  Mr. Doe Adjaho

• Mr. Doe Adjaho

The Privileges Committee of Parliament yesterday met the reporter of the Daily Graphic newspaper, who is alleged to have carried a misleading story against Parliament.

The reporter, Mark-Anthony Vinorkor, appeared before the committee, chaired by the First Deputy Speaker, Ebo Barton-Oduro, in the company of some management members of the Graphic Communications Group Limited, publishers of the paper.

Mr. Vinorkor apologised to the House, and the members and indicated that he did not write the story with any bad motives.

He said the legislative processes were not too clear to him, and that, he only realised the mistake caused after his attention was drawn to it.

“I must admit that I do not know all the process and so, in the course of my work, I reported wrongly,” he said.

Mr. Vinorkor is alleged to have reported in the July 14 edition of the paper that the House has made changes to the Public Elections Regulations, 2016 (C.I 94) which was laid on the floor of Parliament a couple of weeks ago to regulate the conduct of the upcoming general elections.

Following a Supreme Court ruling on LI 1983 which indicates that changes made to a Legislative Instrument that is laid before Parliament is unconstitutional; the law makers feel the publication had accused them of engaging in an illegality.

The Speaker, Edward Doe Adjaho, referred the reporter, who was the Parliamentary Correspondent for the Daily Graphic, to the Privileges Committee.

The Managing Director of GCGL, Mr. Kenneth Ashigbey, also apologised to the House and indicated that the paper had already retracted the story and published an apology.

“We do not profess to know it all. We make mistakes, and we made a mistake. We are sorry for it,” he said and added that such mistakes would not happen again.

By Yaw Kyei

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