Grant: Travels will stop if…

Avram Grant

Avram Grant

BLACK Stars head coach, Avram Grant, has insisted that his constant travel and stay abroad will end only when the unrestrained sale of local talent to Europe is halted.

“I am here for the Black Stars job but when the major component of the Black Stars is not in Ghana, and then I have no business staying here. I need to be closer to the players, monitor their performances and discover new talent.”

He said on Metro TV’s late sports show that there is virtually nothing to do when most of the players are stationed abroad and those that catches his attention in the local league all of a sudden become absent because they have been sold abroad.

His latest rap on the issue which has become a matter of concern for local coaches and sports administrators is expected to open a new controversy as a section of fans believe there are enormous talents in the league.

The Israeli trainer was heavily criticised recently for the manner he travels and choice to stay in Europe which he explained helps him to do his work.

Among the chieftains that expressed concern was Premier League Board chairman, Welbeck Abra Appiah who remained unenthused about the apparent lack of attention for the local league.

That, Abra Appiah believes, is a contributory factor to the low number of local players invited to the Black Stars anytime the team is assembled for an assignment.

But Grant said it was important his point is not misconstrued to mean he has no, respect for the local league or the players, but felt it was important that the rampant sale of the players is restricted.

According to the former Chelsea boss, regulating the player exodus will not only ensure that the local league becomes competitive but will generate quality and competitive players to compete for places in the Black Stars team.

He said, ‘I work for the Black Stars and if I have to be in Ghana, I will be in Ghana. But, you must understand that the clubs are selling all the good players to Europe so if all the best Ghanaian players are in Europe, then I will continue to go to Europe to monitor them.’

Meanwhile, a number of these concerns would be addressed today when Grant meets all Premier League coaches at a special seminar today at the Alisa Hotel in Accra.

The seminar will also afford the local coaches an opportunity to push their concerns across.

The event is scheduled to begin at 11 am.

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