GRA engages Mckinsey Group to help increase revenue generation

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has secured the services of Mckinsey Group, an international tax consulting firm, to offer its expertise in support of addressing shortfalls in revenue mobilisation.

According to Commissioner-General of the GRA, Emmanuel Kofi Nti, within the period from January 1 to August 31 this year, the Authority was able to collect GH₵22.6 billion out of a targeted GH₵24.46 billion, recording a negative deviation of GH₵1.80 billion.

The Mckinsey Group, which had undertaken same projects in Angola and other African countries, he said, was contracted to put in place three pillars of the Authority’s new initiatives aimed at reversing the negative trend and enhance performance.

Speaking at a media engagement forum in Accra yesterday, Mr. Nti said the group was to help change GRA’s systems to be comparable to the best in revenue administration in the world through simplifying the processes and introducing innovations.

It was also to train and build the skills of staff and help build a mindset of constant improvement by sourcing for ideas to change and improve the Authority, he added.

Additionally, the Group, he said was contracted to help improve upon professionalism and the change management process in the institution under the Ghana Revenue Enhancement and Transformation (GREAT) Project.

Under the project, Mr. Nti said his outfit has scheduled engagements with players in the various sectors of the economy, dubbed Industry Forums, to discuss new initiatives as applicable to them.

To enhance compliance, the Commissioner-General noted that the GRA would henceforth go after tax evaders with the full application of tax laws especially after the expiration of the granted grace period through the tax amnesty.

“The days of impunity about a non-compliance with the tax laws are over. GRA is now going to bite. It is not going to do business as usual. We want the public to take note that we will be going after evaders.

As part of new initiatives to achieve and uplift in revenue mobilisation in the next two years, the Authority would name and shame as well as impose and apply sanctions including prosecutions, garnishing and distress actions, Mr. Nti stated.

Further to this, he explained that full enforcement of the Excise Tax Stamp, which was implemented from January 1 2018, would commence in the coming weeks to ensure compliance adding that the introduction of the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), Cargo Tracking Note (CTN), creation of an additional personal income tax band and the restructuring of VAT as enacted into law following the mid-year budget review, would help in improving tax revenues.

The Commissioner-General called on the media to support the GRA by providing reports and discussions on initiatives designed to improve operations and outcomes as well as offer feedback and information on tax defaulters to enable the GRA track them down.

 By Claude Nyarko Adams

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