Govt urged to show more action on party vigilantism

Mr Bentil

Mr Bentil

Vice President of policy think tank IMANI Ghana, Kofi Bentil, has charged the President to stop the talk and take an action against vigilantism in the country.

He held the view that the only person who can put a stop to the phenomenon is President Nana Akufo-Addo and until he does that, nothing will change.

Mr Bentil in reference to President Akufo-Addo’s charge to the clergy to speak against vigilantism  noted that the entire country is already speaking against the menace and that it was his duty to act.

“Although the president is not wrong in asking civil society, in this case, the clergy to help in dealing with the issue, we cannot forget the fact that it is he the president who has to take the first step.

“So it was not a wrong call, it was just very curious, we think the president should be taking more action, he should be showing more passion,” Mr Bentil stressed.

Supporters of the New Patriotic Party since the party won the 2016 elections have been on the rampage.

The hooligans have, almost immediately after President Akufo-Addo taken office, vandalised government property, locked offices and sacked workers who were appointed under the previous administration from their post.

In some instances, they have abused members of their own party, demanded in violent fashion the removal of others and the most shocking of all stormed a court in the Ashanti Region, releasing some of their members who were on trial for similar offences.

While their actions have been publicly condemned, real action in terms of arrests and prosecutions has not been seen.

The president has on various platforms condemned the acts and pledged to deal with the perpetrators, but until now, it’s been all talks.

Mr Bentil admits that in order to do something about the situation, the processes must work but for him, a lot of the work lies with the president.

“He should take the lead by showing us more action and he should prepare for more criticism of what he does, whether it is sufficient or not,” he noted.

Mr Bentil indicated that in 10 months, the government has not done enough and has been ineffective in dealing with vigilantism, even if they have, the results for him are unsatisfactory.
He insisted that no one is to blame but the executive, the police and security services on whom the onus lie to arrest the canker. –

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