Govt urged to review trade agreements

Professor Edward S. AyensuProfessor Edward Solomon Ayensu, former Chairman of the Council for Scientific and Research Institute (CSIR), has urged government to re-examine Ghana’s bilateral relations with foreign countries in the area of international trade.

The continuous importation of foreign goods and services such as food, clothes and other basic amenities according to him, had affected the country’s socio-economic development.

He made these observations on Saturday, during the matriculation ceremony of the Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) in Accra.

The international development advisor on science, technology and economic development expressed worry about Ghana’s importation policies, especially on rice.

“Why do we import more than 70 per cent of rice to Ghana, while the Volta Basin is under utilised?,” he asked.

On education, Prof. Ayensu said the system did not meet the best standards to equip students when they graduated from school.

Ghana’s educational standards continue to fall without effective mechanisms to tackle the problems, he added.

Professor Ayensu therefore called on stakeholders in the educational sector to draw plans that would address the challenges in order to revive the human resource capacity.

Ghana, he noted was at the cross roads in the international business market, saying “proper management of our natural resources would yield economic benefits to the nation”.

Africa, he bemoaned had been riddled with corrupt practices by individuals who should know better, adding that the laws used to govern the states should work effectively without favour.

Professor Ayensu therefore urged Ghanaians, especially the youth to pay attention to values such as integrity, good morals, diligence, commitment, trustworthiness among others to be their hallmark in every endeavour they undertake.

“This would ensure human development and promote opportunities for growth on the continent”, he added.

In his address, Professor Clement Dzidonu, President of AIT advised the newly admitted students to have the idea of the knowledge they were going to acquire to help build their societies.


By Luther King Owusu-Amoah

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