Govt urged to punish Chinese ‘galamseyers’

Mr Shi Ting Wang,Chinese Ambassador to Ghana

Mr Shi Ting Wang,Chinese Ambassador to Ghana

Director of the Centre for African Studies at the Peking University, China, Professor Anshan Li, has called on the government of Ghana to deal with any Chinese, who would engage in illegal mining, popularly known as galamsey, or flout other laws of Ghana.

Responding to a question, he said he had heard that some Chinese engaged in illegal mining in Ghana, and expected the laws of the country to deal with them.

“Any Chinese, who goes against the law must be punished,” he emphasised.

Prof Li advised that “both sides also need to sit and find bilateral solutions to the problems. “

He was speaking at the 2018 seminar for renowned commentators and columnists of major media organisations in Africa, on “The role of the media in China–Africa relations in China”, on Friday.

Prof Li noted that there were many biased views about Africans among the Chinese, just as there such views among Africans about the Chinese.

He said that stereotyping was not healthy for relationship and called on the media to help stop the situation through positive reportage.

Prof Li explained that the bias had been mainly caused by ethnocentrism and ignorance.

“We must use the media to achieve our goal, guard our sovereignty, keep a stable social environment, promote our economic development and maintain our value system and cultural heritage,” he recommended.

According to Prof Li, China and Africa had similar historical experiences that had aided the fast development of their relationship with a trade volume with Africa of $220 billion as of 2014.

He noted that the impact of affordable Chinese goods had  resulted in mutual benefits as some Africans were now able to afford new shoes and clothing instead of second hand ones from the west.

On the perception that Chinese goods were inferior, Prof. Li said “we have different quality to meet different demands and you get what you are ready to pay for, the choice is yours.”


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