Gov’t urged to pass cattle ranching law

•    The passage of the law will regulate the movement of animals in the country.

• The passage of the law will regulate the movement of animals in the country.

Mr. Mohammed Adam Nashiru, Member of the Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana, has tasked government to expedite action on the passage of the cattle ranching law to regulate the movement of animals in the country.

He noted that the haphazard movement of animals in farms was a cause for worry, as it negatively affected crop production and worked against sustainable food security and nutrition.

Mr. Nashiru was speaking during a panel discussion in Accra organised by the Ghana Journalists Association dubbed: “Business Advocate” on Ghana Television.         It was supported by the BUSAC Fund, Denmark Embassy and United States Agency for International Development.

Speaking on the topic: “The passage of cattle ranching in the country,” Mr Nashiru said the absence of a law to regulate the sector has resulted in altercation between peasant farmers and the alien herdsmen in the country.

He expressed concern about the spate of cattle rustling and the destruction of farms by herds, particularly Fulani herdsmen, and said until Parliament passed a law to regulate the movement of cattle, the problem would persist.

He mentioned the raping of innocent Ghanaian women on their farms by some recalcitrant Fulani herdsmen, and stressed the need for the regulation of the ECOWAS Protocol on free movement of animals.

He, therefore, urged Ghana to learn international best practices from neighbouring Burkina Faso and Mali, who had passed the Cattle Ranching Laws to protect farmers and properties, and tasked government to ensure the speeding passage of the law.

Dr. Anthony Ankunzule, Deputy Director of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, supported the idea of passing a law on cattle ranching since the farming system in the country is the mixed crop type.

He said the absence of the law has had a negative effect on trans-boundary diseases on the animals and passes on to the consumers, affecting the health conditions of the citizenry.

Mr William Adjapong Quaittoo, Ranking member on Agriculture and Cocoa Affairs in Parliament, backed the idea in facilitating the law to safeguard the country’s animal and crop production.

He expressed concern about the spate of meat importation in the country and called for the need to be self-sufficient in meat production.

Mr. Imam Hanafi Sonde, National Chairman of the Ghana National Association of Cattle Farmers, said their outfit was prepared to support in any direction to ensure that the law was passed and ensure peace and security.

He said the country however needed some bye laws while waiting for the final passage of the law to be in full force to ensure sanity in the system since peace has no alternative.


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