Govt to eliminate goro boys By Lawrence Markwei

Mr. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah-Minister designate for Transport

Mr. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah-Minister designate for Transport

Removal of human interface and replacing it with technology innovation through full automation will be the panacea to bring efficiency and better service in some public organisations in the country, Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, Minister-designate for Transport has said.

Some of the organisations identified for such interventions for their perceived corrupt activities through middlemen are the Driver’s Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) and the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority.

Responding to the issues raised against the two organisations during his vetting by the Appointments Committee of Parliament yesterday, the nominee said the menace of “Goro Boys” at the DVLA offices were as a result of needless direct contacts with unscrupulous service providers, who took advantage to extort monies from their clients.

He said working assiduously to reduce such contacts with the appropriate technology could help enhance service delivery and also reduce the incidence of nefarious acts at the offices.

Mr. Asiamah said, there was also the need to educate the public to use the appropriate official channels in transacting business with public organisations and also ensure that the law enforcement agencies were on the necks of recalcitrant offenders of the law.

He said in order to reduce the activities of the “Goro Boys”, there was the need to also decentralise the operations of the DVLA by establishing other offices across the country though public-private partnership to reduce the cost of doing business.

Mr. Asiamah said, where the private investors felt reluctant to operate in areas they may deem as unprofitable, the ministry through its social intervention would establish offices in those areas.

With regards to the delay at the ports, he said the ministry apart from automating the system, would also segregate container activities to also reduce business cost at the ports.

Mr. Asiamah said with an increase in the electronic payment system at the ports, the incidence of revenue leakage could reduce drastically to maximise revenue generation at the ports.

He said the government through a public-private partnership would endeavour to build new ports at Jamestown, Keta and Buipe to enhance public service delivery with regards to water transport and fishing in those areas.

Mr. Asiamah said the current government would critically examine the construction of a port at Atuabo which was engulfed in a bit of controversy with the GPHA.

He said the government would take holistic approach to all the issues raised and would seek to harmonise the differences between the two groups to ensure that the country remains the sole beneficiary of any project.

Mr. Asiamah lamented about the carnage on the roads which has resulted in many unnecessary deaths adding that it was high time the capacity of the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) is adequately strengthened through human resource building and also educating the public about the dangers on the roads.

He said there was also the need to collaborate with the Road and Highways Ministry to have a dedicated service which would ensure that disabled vehicles were towed away as soon as practicable from the major highways.

Mr. Asiamah promised to kick-start the operations of the Tema Shipyard Company to create jobs as well as use the platforms of Regional Maritime University and the Regional Maritime Authority to improve the working status of seafarers which were in high demand in the Scandinavian countries, particularly, Denmark.

He said there was the need to review the Motor Traffic Act to consider the operations of motorbikes as commercial transport in the urban and the rural terrain.

Mr. Asiamah argued that in the rural areas, where such transport requirements were in high demand, it would be prudent to legislate the operations of the motorbikes to serve the needs of the rural folks.

He said in order to minimise the accidents on the Volta Lake with regards to the tree stumps, it would be more ideal to chart a course for the ferries on the lake and remove the stumps on their way instead of doing wholesale removal of the trees which would be detrimental to the fishing stocks in the lake.

He said the current government intended to use private partnership to create jobs in the transport sector adding that feasibility studies would be undertaken to ensure the viability of the projects.

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