Gov’t, doctors talks end in stalemate

doctorsFINAL rounds of negotiations between government and public sector doctors yesterday ended in a stalemate resulting in the doctors embarking on a strike, beginning today.

Talks between government and the doctors ended without an agreement on new Conditions of Service for them.

A source close to the negotiations told The Ghanaian Times late last night that the doctors demanded a wide range of allowances which government felt the public purse cannot contain.

According to the Ghana Medical Association, with the stalemate, the roadmap that was drawn by the General Council of the Association has been revived beginning with a strike action nationwide.

The source outlined some of the new allowances being demanded as:


* Utility Allowance – 20% basic salary per month; Special Risk Allowance – 25% basic salary per month; Professional Allowance – 50% basic salary per month; Vehicle Maintenance Allowance – 20% basic salary per month; Clothing Allowance – 30% of basic salary; Overtime Allowance – 40 hours per week – 200 hours per month; Minimum 11/2 times of daily salary – Monday to Friday; Minimum 2 times daily salary – Saturdaays, Sundays, Nights; Waiver on the importation of vehicles for doctors; Fully paid Postgraduate Medical Education; Fully paid Continuous Professional Development (CPDs) sanctioned by the Medical and Dental Council (MDC); Malpractice Insurance Cover for all doctors and dentists and Lump Sum Long Service Award – Last Gross Salary x 180 months (15yrs of Service).

Below are some of the existing Allowances:


                                          Existing Allowances         GMA Proposed

* On-Call Duty Facilitation –– 10% of basic salary   – 10% of basic salary

* Accommodation

   (in lieu of accommodation)     – 20% of basic salary       – 40% of basic salary

* Fuel (House Officer

   to Sen. Medical Officer)   – 20 gallons per month   – 80 gallons per month

* Fuel

(Principal M.O. to Specialist)   – 30 gallons per month   – 90 gallons per month

* Fuel

(Sen. Specialist to Consultant) – 30 gallons per month – 100 gallons per month

* Clothing Allowance                                                    – 30% basic salary per month.

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