Govt defends delay in flagship policies

Prof Gyan-Baffour

Prof Gyan-Baffour

Professor George Gyan-Baffour, Minister of Planning, has fought off claims the government is unable to implement its flagship industrialisation policies, One District-One-Factory and One-Village-One-Dam because factories and dams are not built overnight if all requisite resources are available.


“People are just asking questions as if you can go to the shop and pick a factory or a dam and run it, that’s not how it works, if you have all the facilities and you are asked to put up a factory or dam, it takes more than a year and a half to do it,” he stressed.


Prof Gyan-Baffour, who was contributing to a panel discussion on ‘Scorecard,’ an analysis of the government’s performance asked critics to take a breather since there has been a misunderstanding to that promise.


“When the government said it is going to start 51 factories, it was not said at the end of the year. You can go and the factories and dams will be producing because they do not go up overnight, you start with identifying where to put up the factory and dam, you need to have access to road, ensure electricity supply and sometimes import raw materials.


“The variables may be what is making people worried but the government is determined to achieve the projects and will do same, I am sure within the next two years, you will see some of the factories and dams operating. I do not think it is something that cannot be achieved.


Gifty Ohene Konadu, the National Coordinator for the programme, explained that the projected number by the end of 2017 was ignored because the government chose quality over quantity saying “the citizenry want quality, they don’t just want anything because I promised one district one factory, we have to do something that will last for an appreciable time.

Ken Ofori Atta, the Finance Minister, presenting the 2019 budget maintained that 79 factories would be constructed by the end of the years.

“Over the past two years, the government has laid strong foundations for industrialisation through critical infrastructure investments and industrial programmes and the stimulus package for distressed industrial businesses,” he assured.


Almost two years into the administration, most critics have raised red flags on the projects after the government has consistently postponed deadlines on them. –

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