Govt commended for supporting rural farmers

Woman Farmer 1Madam Denglutba Bokya, a farmer in Kulpeliga in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region, has lauded government for assisting rural farmers to increase agriculture production.

She said the supply of hybrid maize, cow peas, soya, groundnuts, fertiliser and technical support through the ministry of agriculture, had helped farmers to increase yield, to ensure food security. 

Madam Bokya, who made the commendation after a group of farmers completed working at a group farm at Kulpeliga, said farmers in the area had increased crop yield and income and were able to take care of their families, due to support from the government.

He said: “we managed to do this due to the improved farming methods and the supply of seeds and fertilisers, because the land over the years has been exhausted.”

Madam Bokya appealed to government to initiate more interventions to improve the agriculture sector, to create jobs for the youth.

The chairman of the Kulpeliga farmers group, Mr. Tii Konzabre, said there was the need to intensify modern agricultural practices to improve soil fertility as the land was becoming exhausted.

The Head of Talensi District Agriculture Department, Mr. Thomas Kambonga, said the Sustainable Land and Water Management Project funded by the World Bank through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, was protecting the soil and water bodies, and supporting tree planting along water bodies within the White Volta Basin.

He said there was the need to prevent environmental degradation, noting that many water bodies were becoming dry due to human activities.

Mr. Kambonga said the farmers were encouraged to plant trees and construct stone bonds to prevent soil erosion and encouraged to plant legumes to help improve soil fertility.

From Peter Gbambila, Kulpeliga


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