The announcement that government will not support private schools absorbed into the public educational system is very shocking.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Alex Kyeremeh, who was answering questions in Parliament on Tuesday, stated that all the private schools absorbed by the government are expected to survive on their own for the next five years without assistance from government.

According to him, the purpose of the policy guidelines on the adoption of the schools is to avoid the situation where critical initial expenditure in the schools would be shifted to government immediately they are absorbed.

The Times finds highly unacceptable, the Deputy Minister’s assertion that it is to forestall a situation where people will establish schools without the proper and requisite foundation, and expect government to absorb and expand facilities in the schools.

We are at a loss as to whether the Ministry took cognisance of the fact that the majority of these schools are in rural communities where the requisite resources are unavailable.

In any case, why adopt a school when you are not ready to offer the necessary assistance?

The issue of people establishing schools and expecting government to absorb them is irrelevant, because the owners of the schools do not wield the power to compel the government to absorb them.

The government cannot absolve itself of the responsibility of assisting such schools; they are babies which need nurturing.

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