Goosie Tanoh: NDC needs positive political culture

Mr Goosie Tando addressing the media.

Mr Goosie Tando addressing the media.

Augustus Goosie Obuadum Tanoh, a presidential candidate aspirant of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), says for the party to capture power in the 2020 elections it needs a positive political culture.

He said the NDC should further have a clear vision and the trust of Ghanaians

Mr. Tanoh explained that when given the nod during the upcoming NDC presidential primary, he and he campaign team would demonstrate these because they have the capacity to make it happened.

Speaking to journalists in Accra before embarking on his regional tour, the presidential candidate aspirant said he will run his campaign on the platform of competence, principled leadership and accountability.

According to him, the grassroots must have ownership of the NDC and mobilize with winning strategies for Election 2020.

“The journey is to engage in a new and refreshing way, with the NDC membership across Ghana” on my tour,

The campaign will be owned and funded by ordinary people donating through various channels.”

Mr. Tanoh therefore appealed to all NDC faithful to join his campaign to bring about change in the party and achieve wider fundamental change in the country.

“We want to win national and local government office and lead Ghanaians to dismantle all political, economic and barriers to development and prosperity – the national democratic transformation that is the party’s mission,” he added.

He stated that following the NDC’s massive rejection at the 2016 polls, the party elite has ignored demands for a bottom-up re-organisation and re-launching to make it attractive.

“They did so to avoid accountability and to protect their cosy and prestigious positions.

They suppressed their own Fact-Finding Committee report and then wasted a year staging unimaginative Unity Walks around leading personalities.”

According to him; “the party elite foisted a bureaucratic registration exercise on members as the basis for elections that they hoped would create the illusion of a renewed mandate for their leadership.”

He said “these maneuvers had rather failed and the clear trend from the branch, constituency and regional elections is a demand for alternative leadership and direction.

This demonstrates that there is still hope for the NDC’s re- organisation”


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