Good luck to BECE candidates

At time of reading this editorial, candidates for this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examinations are busily writing their final examinations for qualification into Senior High Schools.

A total of 509,824 candidates from 16,060 basic schools across the country are taking part in the examinations. This represents 8.9 per cent of the 2017 figure of 468,060.What this means is that access to basic education is increasing as population is growing.

The successful candidates would be the second batch of students to enjoy the Free Senior High School Policy introduced last year to make access to pre-tertiary education in Ghana accessible to all.

The Ghanaian Times joins all Ghanaians to wish them success in their examinations which would pave the way for them to qualify to the next stage of their education which is free.

Examinations in Ghana come with anxiety as candidates become nervous, giving rise to the tendency to engage in examination malpractices.

According to the West Africa Examination Council, measures have been taken to ensure incident free examinations and candidates are warned to desist from any tendency of engaging in examination malpractices, especially collusion which is prevalent during this period.

We note with interest that the council has instituted the “Item Differential Profile” a kind of software that could detect any form of cheating in their objective tests and their scripts during marking.

We wish to re-iterate that there is no shot cut to success in life and that success comes with hard work. The candidates must be told in honesty that, there is nothing that can aid them to pass their examinations other than hard work. Even cheating in the examination hall may not help them in absolute terms.

We hope that the teachers prepared them adequately in terms of covering all the grounds in the syllabus, as well as prepared them mentally to face the examination with confidence without fear or panic.

We also urge parents to do their part by psyching their wards up for the examination without resort to cheating in the examination hall. Others have done it on their own merit, so they can equally do it, even with distinction.

The candidates are expected to go into the examinations with their preferred choices of senior high schools in mind to motivate them to succeed.

However, there has been a change of policy this year, and the candidates can only have the opportunity to select their choices for the senior high schools after the examinations.

We believe the change in policy is for a good reason and we advise the candidates not be swayed by the change in policy in the selection of schools and that they should concentrate on the examinations first and all other things would follow.

We also urge the Ministry of Education and the Education Service to resolve issues that might have necessitated the change in policy this year to ensure smooth selection of schools by the candidates after the examinations.

Once again we wish the candidates every success in the examinations and commend their teachers for preparing them for the task.





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