Gonjaland Youth slams NPP chairman

bugriThe Gonjaland Youth Association (GYA) has slammed the Northern Regional Chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Daniel Bugri Naabu, over what the association’s leadership described as his ethno-political comments.

The outspoken NPP Regional Chairman is noted for his incessant attacks on President John Dramani Mahama for allegedly sidelining Konkombas in his cabinet.

Several interest groups including the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) Northern Regional Secretariat called the bluff of Daniel Bugri and advised him to ceasefire.

The latest to join the fray in condemning Daniel Bugri Naabu is the Gonjaland Youth Association of which the incumbent President John Dramani Mahama is a patron.

In a statement copied Citi News, the association’s President, Alhassan Dramani lamented, ”We have observed that Mr. Daniel Bugri Naabu, President of the Konkomba Development Association (KODA) has incessantly accused President John Dramani Mahama of sidelining Konkombas in his administration by not appointing any Konkomba as a cabinet minister”.

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Daniel Bugri Naabu who should know better has consistently and without any reason always incited Konkombas against President Mahama,” Dramani lamented.

He stated, “We do not think it is wrong to call for inclusiveness of all ethnic groups in President Mahama’s administration of the country but such calls should be devoid of polarisation of the people of the Northern Region: we owe it as a duty to ensure that leadership of all ethnic Youth groups and individuals strives to maintain the current peaceful atmosphere enjoyed by the people of the North.”

He dispelled the erroneous impression created by Konkombas in their earlier press statements that President Mahama (a Gonja) was punishing them because Gonjas have a long standing feud with Konkombas.

“In all these statements the groups and individuals have made it seem like Gonjas have a problem with Konkombas and so President John Mahama a Gonja is punishing them simply because they are Konkombas: we are convinced the action of these groups and individuals is parochial and aim at creating a wedge between Konkombas and Gonjas which will not help us move forward as a people but will rather retrogress us.”

Dramani Alhassan therefore called on all ethnic groups in the North and well meaning Ghanaians to disregard such inflammatory statements.

“There is no doubt that Konkombas are discerning enough and appreciate all efforts made by President Mahama to better the conditions of the people of the region and the nation as a whole irrespective of ethnicity.”

He reechoed the Gonjaland Youth Association’s respect for ethnic diversity in the Northern Region and beyond.

“We must work to secure the peace, unity and development for our people particularly the youth because these are the principles in which our association were formed: the Gonjaland Youth Association has collaborated with the Konkomba Youth Association on several matters that had the potential to degenerate into disagreement and many other issues that aim at promoting development in the North and wish that continues in the spirit of brotherhood and understanding.

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