Golf Can Rake In Millions

A DIRECTOR of Primeval Media, Patrice Amegashie has insisted that Golf as a sport, can also earn the country millions of dollars if taken seriously.

According to him the media reports on the sport in the country have been very low, an action which he believes will change very soon due to the emergence of the passion for the sport in recent times.

“I believe that the media has a lot to do when it comes to taking golf and its activities right to the door step of Ghanaians. It is true that football is the nation’s favorite sport and its bringing some form of income into the country.”

“But I know and believe that golf, if taken serious by the media and all Ghanaians, will also be another high income earner for the country in terms of sports in this country.”

“If we look at all the various prizes that are awarded to winners in the various golf tournaments, I believe that we have to take the sport seriously and that is why Primeval Media is aimed at making sure that the sports develops in the country”, Patrice Amegashie mentioned in an interview with

“Like I said at the launch of the 2nd edition of the Ghana Golf Awards, this time we are looking at awarding sports journalists who have excelled in the field of golf reporting, an action which we believe will motivate the sporting media to treat the sport with the same drive and zeal like they do to football, boxing and to some extent athletics.”

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